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The demands on the systems we build are continuously increasing. While great progress has been made in how we deploy and manage software, relatively little has changed in the fundamental way we build it. The reactive manifesto, and more recently also the Reactive Principles document describes the fundamental architectural principles that applications require to withstand the modern pressure, such as Resilience and Elasticity.

In this session, Allard will explore one architectural style that has been gaining tremendous traction in the last few years: CQRS. We will remove the veils of mystery that surround it and get to the raw facts. We will look into what Event Sourcing is, how that differs from Event Streaming, and how it plays nicely with the concepts of CQRS.

Finally, we'll put the code where the promises are. Using Axon, Allard will demonstrate how to build an application from scratch that uses these principles. You will see how you can focus on the business logic and rely on a few configuration properties to make the application scale automatically. Before you know it, our monolithic application has evolved to microservices, without any rewrites.


Allard Buijze is Founder and CTO at AxonIQ with a solid software development background. Starting at the age of six, he has developed a great passion for programming and has guided both large and small organizations in building performant and scalable applications. Allard likes to help customers make appropriate future-proof, technical decisions.

As a former software architect specializing within the field of "scalability" and "high performance" computing, he has worked on several small and large projects, where performance and complexity were recurring themes. Allard is convinced that a good domain model is the beginning of contributing to the overall performance of an application. From this conviction, he has developed the Axon Framework.

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