The source code archive was once a repository of zip files containing source code, build.xml files, build.gradle files, SQL scripts (as necessary), and other relevant files for most of the monthly presentations. However, that has not been maintained. There are a number of existing zip files from the early years, but for the moment, they are not available on the website. I am working to migrate everything to GitHub. Please let me know if you'd like a zip file for a particular month and I would be more-than-happy to e-mail it to you.

Each zip file corresponds to a monthly meeting, and is named with the format, jsigγγμμ.zip, where γγ represents the two-digit year and μμ represents the two-digit month. Each project has been built with Ant, and/or Gradle, Java-based build tools for compiling and running Java applications (and a whole lot more), and has also been established within IntelliJ IDEA.